Your sheds are solid with great colors to choose from for siding and roofing. We really liked the options available and that the shed was locally made. The building was set with an ease we could not believe and there was good contact before and delivery to let us know they were on their way.  We are very satisfied with the process from start to finish.

John & Sandie Hammel

Rent-a-Shed provides quality materials and quality workmanship. You have a polite, hard-working crew!

Nicole Lytton

Fast delivery and set up and friendly customer service!

Kellie Davis

I couldn’t afford to buy one right out, so your option to rent to own is fastastic. Thank you!

Phyllis “Pat” Dove

Very well constructed, prompt service, and professional set up.  Was very satisfied with every aspect and would recommend you to anyone.  I can’t wait for my second purchase!

Ron Inman

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